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COMFYSO™ Cordless Electric Chainsaw

COMFYSO™ Cordless Electric Chainsaw

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Cordless Electric Chainsaw: Powerful and Efficient Tree Cutting

Introducing our Cordless Electric Chainsaw, the ultimate tool for effortless and efficient tree cutting. This versatile chainsaw combines convenience and power, making it an essential addition to your outdoor equipment collection. With its mini single-hand saw, included accessories, and two 18V 5500mAh batteries, this chainsaw offers a complete package for all your cutting needs.

Efficient Operation for Swift Cutting: Get the Job Done in Seconds

Experience the power of efficient operation with our Cordless Electric Chainsaw. With a remarkable cutting speed, it takes just about 4 seconds to slice through a log with a 6" diameter (actual performance may vary based on wood size and hardness). Say goodbye to time-consuming cutting tasks and complete your projects in a fraction of the time, thanks to the impressive performance of this chainsaw.

Large Capacity Battery Pack: Extended Battery Life for Continuous Usage

Equipped with two removable and rechargeable 21V 1500mAh lithium-ion batteries, our Cordless Electric Chainsaw offers a generous battery capacity for prolonged usage. These batteries feature self-overload and temperature protection, ensuring a longer lifespan and reliable performance. Enjoy the convenience of uninterrupted cutting with the extended battery life provided by this powerful chainsaw.

One-Handed Ease and Comfort: Perfect for All Users

Designed with a slim body weighing only 0.7KG, our Cordless Electric Chainsaw offers effortless one-handed operation. Its compact size and comfortable grip provide easy access to all areas, making it an ideal tool for women, the elderly, and users of all experience levels. Say goodbye to fatigue during long cutting sessions, as this chainsaw is ergonomically designed to keep you comfortable and productive.


Whether it's cutting logs on a camping trip pruning the trees or trimming the hedges, we have trialed and tested this product to death. For these reasons and so many others the cordless electric chainsaw is the best. 

The Setup

Setting up the cordless electric chainsaw is super easy and all the tolls are included within your package. Feel free read the included instruction menu or follow the guide above.

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